Buffalo Technology Unleashes Fastest Blu-ray Burner

Pulkit Chandna

Buffalo Technology has unveiled the BR-816FBS internal Blu-ray drive, the fastest Blu-ray drive in the world. The BR-816FBS is the first Blu-ray drive capable of churning out read and write speeds of up to 8x . Buffalo Technology will also be selling an external variant of the drive.

The external drive does have some limitations when used over a USB 2.0 connection – understandably so, and can only manage write speeds up to 6.5x. You should set aside anywhere between $350 to $400, if you want this drive. However, very few people might have a craving for a Blu-ray burner at this point in time. The prices are still uninviting, though gradually waning, and the Blu-ray is far from inheriting the ubiquity enjoyed by its predecessors.

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