Budget-Priced Intel 330 SSD Details Leaked Online, Expected This Month

Brad Chacos

Sure, the prices of mechanical hard disk drives are going to stay above preflood levels . That sucks, but not all the news on the storage front is as bleak, or as expensive: a number of e-tailers have accidentally leaked details about a new, low cost line of Intel SSDs that are due to hit the streets very, very soon.

The incriminating bits have since been washed from the Web, but Engadget and The Register managed to snag details about the Intel 330 SSD line before they disappeared. Apparently, they'll rock 6Gbps SATA 3.0 transfer speeds and sequential read/write at 500MBps/450MBps, respectively, while being built around the 25nm NAND found in Intel 320 SSDs.

That's nice, but what about pricing and availability? Amazon UK's listing said the parts would be available on Friday, April 13 -- oooh, spooky! -- while U.S. retailer SabrePC offered up Stateside price points: $90 for 60GB, $150 for 120GB, and $235 for 180GB. That's not quite the mythical $1/GB point, but it's not too far off. Keep your fingers crossed that the details stay firm between now and the launch day.

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