Browser Wars: End of August 2012 Edition

Paul Lilly

Another month is in the books, and that means another thirty-some days of browser share data to crunch and analyze. One of the problems with doing that, however is that different stat trackers report conflicting numbers. Net Applications (NetMarketShare), for example, shows Chrome closing out the summer in  third place, sitting behind Firefox (second) and Internet Explorer (first) as the most used browsers on the planet. But if you head over to StatCounter , Chrome is out in front.

As we've explained before , the disparity boils down to how each tracking firm collects data. StatCounter examines page views from 3 million websites, while Net Applications focuses on daily unique visitors from more than 40,000 sites. Is one better than the other? That's up for debate.

In any event, Net Applications has IE continuing to lose market share. In the past two years, IE has gone from commanding a 61.45 percent of the global browser market to 53.6 percent. In that same time frame, Firefox has dropped from 23.69 percent to 20.05 percent, while Chrome has gained considerable ground, climbing from 8.24 percent to 19.13 percent.

According to StatCounter, things shake out a little differently. StatCounter has Chrome leading all other browsers with a 33.59 percent of the market at the end of August 2012. IE is close behind at 32.85 percent, followed by Firefox at 22.85 percent.

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