Browser Extension of the Week: Yoono

Seamus Bellamhy

For those of us whose love for the world is too big to be contained by one social network, staying on top of the updates to all of the services we frequent can be tough, especially when meat-space distractions such as our jobs and families become part of the equation. Fortunately, thanks to Yoono, our Browser Extension of the Week, you'll have ample time to keep up to date with the people you adore as well as take time for the ones you merely tolerate.

Available for Firefox and Google Chrome , Yoono is a slick, albeit ad-supported extension that allows you interact with a wide variety of social networks and messaging services in a convenient browser-based interface. Setting Yoono up is a breeze, with the most difficult part of the ordeal being having to remember the security credentials for all of the social networks you use. Yoono’s primary interface is a collapsible sidebar that allows users to interact with social networking and messaging feeds through a number of tabs or one unified overview. Facebook and Twitter power users will be happy to know that Yoono supports multiple accounts.

Even when you're working with your browser minimized, Yoono’s still got your back, as the extension can be configured to notify you of new instant messages or updates to your feeds with a pop-up window and audible alarm. Best of all, Yonoo’s development team took the time to bake password security right into the extension.

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