Browser Extension of the Week: Twitter Address Bar Search

Maximum PC Staff

Hey, have you heard about Twitter? It’s kind of a big deal. Apparently people use it to communicate in 140 characters, detailing revolutions, protests and intricacies of knitting free-ranged wool sweater for cats. Thanks to the service’s soaring worldwide popularity, there’s no shortage of applications designed to help get your tweets out, few are as easy to use as Twitter’s native homepage. Thanks to Twitter Address Bar Search for Firefox, leveraging the power of Twitter’s homepage has never been easier.

Available to Firefox users via the browser’s built in Add-ons Manager, Twitter Address Bar Search turns Firefox into a Twitter browsing dynamo. Once installed, users can search for Twitter accounts or hashtags directly from Firefox’s address bar. Simply type what you’re looking for and Twitter Address Bar Search will do the rest. When used along side Firebox 8‘s baked in Twitter functionality, the extension provides your browser with the power to become the only Twitter client most users will ever need.

Best of all, extension's functionality doesn’t stop with Windows: Twitter Address Bar Search can also be installed and utilized on Linux or Mac computers as well as Android smartphones and tablets, making in a cinch to stay in touch with your tweeps even when your away from your rig.

Have a great Thanksgiving, and be sure to check in every Thursday for another edition of Maximum PC’s Browser Extension of the Week.

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