Browser Extension of the Week: Trash Can

Maximum PC Staff

We’ve all done it: Amidst a flurry of stressed out productivity, we’ve accidentally closed out browser instead of minimizing it, losing the page we were working with. In most cases, this isn’t an unrecoverable error, but it sure is an annoying one. If you’re using Google’s Chrome browser, you can elect to open a new window and try to locate the page in your browsing history, or you can download our Trash Can , our Browser Extension of the Week, and let it do the heavy lifting for you.

Despite its name, Trash Can doesn’t actually delete anything. In actuality, this invaluable extension is designed to preserve your recent browsing history, and can be used to instantly restore any of the tabs in Chrome that you’ve accidentally or intentionally closed. Trash Can is easy to use. Once installed, an icon for the extension is placed in the top right corner of your browser window. If you want to recover a recently opened tab, simply click the icon, select the tab you’re after from the extension’s drop down menu and you’re in business.

If being able to recover your tabs isn’t enough incentive to download Trash Can, don’t fret, as the extension’s developer has a number of other ambitions features planned for it as well, including Incognito support, the ability to save tabs between sessions, and the option to limit the number of tabs saved at any one time. We’re sure you’ll agree that it’s time and sanity saving extensions like this that make the Chrome Web Store the worthwhile venue that it is.

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