Browser Extension of the Week: ToutApp

Maximum PC Staff

No one digs having to send out a gazillion copies of the same email. It’s a pain. It’s a drag. Sadly, for many of us, it’s also a part of our everyday lives. Whether you’re tugging at the coattails of a number of media outlets about your company’s new product, or firing off multiple copies of your resume in the hopes of paying next month’s rent, sometimes sending out multiple copies of the same correspondence is a necessary evil. Fortunately, ToutApp , our Browser Extension of the Week, is here to help to manage your mass mailing headaches.

Designed to work in concert with the online service of the same name, ToutApp is available in both Firefox and Chrome flavors. Once installed to your browser, the extension does what it can to fulfill all of your mass mailing needs in as pain-free a manner possible. By logging into the extension with your Tout account credentials, you’ll be directed to the service’s site and provided with the option to templatize your most frequently sent emails, schedule delivery times and send out messages to your target audience, with the number of emails you can send per day depending on what tier of Tout service you opt for.

Once that’s done, get on with the rest of your day--the Tout extension will notify you of responses to your emails, as well as the number of views or clickthroughs each of your messages receives.

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