Browser Extension of the Week: Stylebot

Maximum PC Staff

While communal in nature, surfing the web is a deeply personal experience. No one understands The Bobcats on Monday on the deeply satisfying emotional level that you do. While The Onion might be America's finest news source, they're really only in it for one very special American: You. Oh, and those NewEgg Shell Shockers that everyone loves? All the stuff they put on offer totally caters to your particular tastes. Still, even with the internet catering to your every online whim, your browsing experience can reach an even deeper level of personalization. "Through what manner of sorcery can this be achieved", you ask? Magic? Nay. Merely Stylebot , our Browser Extension of the Week.

Stylebot is a Chrome extension that allows users to tweak, customize and nudge the CSS of most webpages, making for a personalized viewing experience you can truly call your own. Once installed, Stylebot makes its home in your browser's search/URL field. Just click on the extension's icon and Stylebot's easy to navigate user interface will let you bend the site your visiting to your will. Changing a site's font size or font, background color, layout and boarders are only a few mouse clicks away, making it easy to modify your favourite internet content to meet up with your particular aesthetic needs.

Have experience working with Cascading Style Sheets? Stylebot also allows for direct coding, letting all of you code-monkeys out there do away with it's easy-to-use interface and get down to the nitty-gritty of hand coding a site's looks into something you can stare at all day.

Be sure to check back every Thursday for another edition of Maximum PC's Browser Extension of the Week.

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