Browser Extension of the Week: Send to Kindle

Maximum PC Staff

Surfing the web from your desktop rig or laptop is a brilliant way to enjoy scads of free reading material from around the globe. That said, it’s not ideally suited for those of us who prefer to peruse our words on the go. One could argue that sending content to a smartphone or tablet would be the way to go, but for individuals with a freakishly low data cap, or worse, no mobile device to speak of, doing so isn’t a viable option. For owners of an Amazon Kindle , however, there is another option to consider: Send to Kindle--our Browser Extension of the Week.

Send to Kindle allows Kindle owners to push the webpage they’re viewing to read later on their Kindle Device. Available for use with Chrome , Safari , Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer 9 , Send to Kindle is easy to install and use. Simply download the extension, install it set your usage preferences, and you’ll be up in running in minutes. When you click the Send to Kindle icon located in your browser’s navigation bar the extension automatically identifies the main content of the page you’re currently browsing, packages it up for Kindle and fires it off into cyberspace to download and read on your device later.

The extension even offers users the ability to send content to their Evernote or Instapaper accounts. With that kind of versatility, you’ll never be short of something to read or the means to send it.

Be sure to check in every Thursday for another edition of Maximum PC’s Browser Extension of the Week.

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