Browser Extension of the Week: ReminderFox

Maximum PC Staff

Between looking up new remixes of the Nyan Cat song, reading your favorite blogs and occasionally doing a bit of work, your life has become a pretty complex affair. To keep track of the demands your job, friends and family make of you, you could--God forbid--write down a to-do list, or rely upon an application like Outlook or Google Calendar. If you’re a Firefox user you might also want to consider checking out ReminderFox , our Browser Extension of the Week.

Once installed, ReminderFox lives in the bottom right hand corner of your browser window, providing one-click access to all of the task management power you’ll ever need. Boasting a full blown calendar, to do list, reminders and a very respectable task filtering system, ReminderFox is powerful enough to go toe-to-toe with many of the better known, paid task management software solutions available today. Users of the extension will find that ReminderFox is highly customizable, with the developer having made allowances for changes to display preferences, tooltips, notifications, categories and even custom lists, which will show up in a separate tab of the ReminderFox interface, making for an orderly way to organize your day.

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