Browser Extension of the Week: Remember The Milk for Gmail

Maximum PC Staff

Having your Google Calendar and Gmail available for use everywhere you go is a productivity godsend (or a curse, depending on how you look at it), making it possible to stay in touch and plot out your life no matter where you roam. That said, both of Google’s web applications lack anything even close to a useable task management system baked into their interfaces. Fortunately, Remember The Milk’s got a solution to this problem, and we feel it’s slick enough to be our Browser Extension of the Week.

Remember The Milk for Gmail allows users of Remember The Milk’s incredibly versatile online task management service to access their task list through their Gmail interface in Chrome or Firefox. In order to use the extension, you’ll need to have a Remember The Milk Account. The good news is that getting one doesn’t cost a thing.  After signing up for an account and adding the extension to your browser, navigate to your Gmail interface and boom--you’ll find email and task management has been rolled into one big awesome mashup.  Remember The Milk for Gmail automatically syncs with your RTM account, allowing you to review, edit and add new tasks from inside of your Gmail interface.

It’s even possible to link tasks to specific pieces of mail, Google Calendar events, and Google Contacts. If at any time you decide that you can’t bear the thought of how many tasks are awaiting your attention, just click the left side of the Remember The Milk for Gmail interface to tuck it away, out of sight out of mind.

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