Browser Extension of the Week: Readability

Maximum PC Staff

There’s a whole lot of information available on the internet, just waiting to be devoured. Unfortunately, a lot of it’s damn hard to read. Often set in a terrible font or against the backdrop of eye-scarring page design an online article, no matter how awesome the content, can be difficult, if not impossible to read. Fortunately for Firefox and Chrome users, Readability is here to save the day... as well as your eyes and sanity. It’s our Browser Extension of the Week,

As its name suggests, Readability is an extension designed to make the web more readable. The extension provides users with the ability to strip any web-based article they’re perusing of all page design, advertisements and other distractions, leaving nothing but story-pertinent text and photos to make for a superior screen-borne reading experience. If that’s not enough for you, Readability also offers the option to save an article to read later, as well as the ability to send your content to a Kindle device.

Each of these features can be accessed via user-mappable keyboard shortcuts, which in our humble opinion makes this extension one of the best friends any hardcore computer rocking reader could ever hope for.

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