Browser Extension of the Week: Look of Disapproval

Maximum PC Staff

Most folks’ll tell you that a picture’s worth a thousand words. That said, a single dirty look can convey more disapproval, malaise, and spite in an instant than any number of syllables can afford. When looking to convey your contempt online, don’t waste valuable time searching for words, turn to Look of Disapproval , our Browser Extension of the Week.

Drawing inspiration from the popular unicode meme, Look of Disapproval provides Chrome users with the ability to express their disdain online without having to muck about extensively with their keyboards to do so. Once installed to your browser, Look of Disapproval can be accessed by clicking an icon located on the right hand side of your navigation bar. Users can choose from a number of disapproving digital mugs, and easily copy them to their clipboards for use in chatrooms, comments, email or anywhere else that you feel someone could benefit from knowing about your contempt for them.

While Look of Disapproval might be a one-trick pony of a browser extension, the trick it does is satisfying enough to make it well worth the amount of real estate it takes up in your navigation bar to make it a keeper.

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