Browser Extension of the Week: Lazarus

Maximum PC Staff

Whether you're making a purchase from an online store, signing up for a new service or renewing an old one, when online forms work, they work very well... until your web browser crashes and the burning rage of one thousand suns eats all that was once good in your life as a result. Fortunately, for Chrome and Firefox users, the days of form-related hissy fits may soon be nothing more than an ugly memory, thanks to Lazarus, our Browser Extension of the Week.

Designed to save your form-related bacon in the event of a browser crash, error message or network time out, Lazarus preserves the data you've entered into a given form, encrypts and saves it to your rig just in case you wind up needing it. What's more, Lazarus can even be tweaked to suit your particular needs with options such as the ability to decide how many days form data is preserved by the extension, password protection and the ability to disable form preservation on selected sites.

For all that Lazarus can do, it's worth mentioning that there are some things still doesn't handle very well: Chiefly, preserving the information entered into WYSIWYG editors of the sort employed by many popular Content Management Systems. That said, the extension's developer is hard at work trying to solve this issue.

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