Browser Extension of the Week: LastPass

Seamus Bellamhy

If you spend as much time on the internet as we do, you’ll have accumulated more online credentials than you can shake a whole rack of servers at. Being the web-savvy individual that you are, you no doubt know that choosing to secure all that personal data with anything as other than a complex, unique password, is asking for trouble. To keep track of all of the site credentials in your life, you can turn to hard drive-bound solutions like 1Password and Keepass , or you can rely on LastPass, our Browser Extension of the Week.

Offering PC, Mac and Linux compatibility, LastPass is a browser extension designed to store and automatically submit all of the site credentials in your life. Available for just about every browser that you can imagine, LastPass can also manage other often accessed pieces of information, such as your address, credit card information, software serial numbers and other sensitive text-based data, all under the lock and key provided by a master password of your choosing.

If the thought of noodling out a decent password makes you break out into a cold sweat, you’ll be thrilled to know that LastPass has got your back there as well. When opening up a new online account that demands a password be entered, LastPass will automatically offer to generate a strong, random password for you, and then save it under the protection of your master password.

Best of all, thanks to the fact that your LastPass account isn’t tied to computer-specific software, users that take advantage of this service can gain access to their security credentials on any box with internet access and a modern web browser. That folks, is online security as it should be--and for free, no less!

Be sure to check in with us next Thursday for some more Browser Extension of the Week goodness.

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