Browser Extension of the Week: Google Translate

Maximum PC Staff

Depending on your state of awareness and the depth of your internet search habits, you may have noticed that not everyone posting content to the internet can speak or write in English. Shocking, right? You could disregard the foreign characters and move on to the next page returned to you by your search results, but there’s a very good possibility that the piece of information you’ve been looking for is hidden amidst all those crazy looking words. Instead of risking the loss of an important piece of data, Chrome users can turn to Google Translate , our Browser Extension of the Week.

Leveraging the same power as Google’s website-based translation service, the Google Translate extension cuts out the linguistic middle man by translating whatever page you’re currently viewing into the language of your choice. Once installed, all users need do to translate a page is click the icon and wait. In under a minute you’ll be reading the best english Google’s translation algorithm can afford.

While the extension's default language is set to English, there’s nothing stopping users from switching it up to any of the other language options offered by Google. Want an American English language newspaper translated into Welsh? By tinkering with the extension's settings, making the linguistic leap takes nothing more than the a single mouse click.

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