Browser Extension of the Week: Google Calendar

Maximum PC Staff

Since Google gifted the users of Google Calendar the ability to access the contents of their accounts even when there’s no internet connection to be found, many of us have come to rely on the reliable and easy to use service even more than we already did when it was still strictly an online-only affair. For anyone that relies on Google Calendar to help them navigate their day, the Google Calendar extension for Chrome will be a welcome addition to your virtual arsenal. We’ve found it so useful that we’re showcasing it as our Browser Extension of the Week.

Once installed, the Google Calendar extension places an icon next to your navigation bar. Provided you’re already logged into your Google account, giving the icon a click will provide you access to your upcoming calendar appointments without having to open up a new tab or navigate away from what you’re browsing. As if this wasn’t convenience enough, Google also included the ability for the extension to read appointments in hCalendar format from any site you browse.

With a click of your mouse, qualifying appointments, dates, and events can all be added to your calendar for later review and as reminders. No fuss, no muss. That’s a whole lot of workflow streamlining baked into a single extension.

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