Browser Extension of the Week: Google +1 Button

Maximum PC Staff

With so many ways to socialize online, there’s no excuse for being a digital hermit these days. Facebook now offers the ability to follow feeds, Twitter’s still cranking out the tweets and instant messaging just keeps on keeping on. Now that Google+ has made the move from invite-only exclusivity to being a social media network that anyone can join, the time seems right to declare Google +1 Button our extension of the week.

In a sea of third-party Google+ extension options, Google +1 Button for Chrome is unique in the fact that it was cooked up by the web-minded folks from Mountain View. Once downloaded and installed to your browser, Google +1 Button is good to go, as chances are, you’ll have signed into the Chrome Web Store with the same account as you rock Google+ with. In the off chance that your primary account isn’t linked to Google+ (individuals with a Google Apps account, for example), the extension will demand that you sign into a Google+ account before it can be used for the first time. Once you’re good to go, giving a +1 to any page you frequent is as simple as clicking a button in your browser's navigation bar.

In addition to allowing you to voice your approval for a page, the extension also shows how many other users have given a thumbs up to the site you’re viewing. Best of all, should any site you’ve given a +1 to fall out of your good graces, rescinding approval is as easy as pushing the same button you used to hand it out in the first place.

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