Browser Extension of the Week: Ghostery

Maximum PC Staff

Ever feel like somebody’s watching you? Good because they are. Without proper protection, your internet usage habits are left out in the open; vulnerable to anyone to exploit. By simply navigating to a page, mousing over a given pixel or clicking through an advertisement or other link, most computer users give data brokers, advertising companies and other nefarious types enough to information to work with to tailor ad content to your needs. Creepy. While we love the look and fit of a good tin foil hat as much as anyone else, Ghostery , our Browser Extension of the Week, is really the better choice for putting an end to all that unwanted tracking.

After installing Ghostery, you’ll be asked to answer a few simple questions surrounding what you’d like the extension to do for you: Track the trackers? Report page bugs? Block companies after your browsing habits? Ghostery can do it all, and will report back to you via an unobtrusive interface located at the edge of your browser window. More than this, Ghostery will even provide you with a biography of each of your trackers, making it easier to decide who you’d like to block and who’s welcome to continue creeping on your every online move. Available for most major browsers, we can’t recommend this one enough.

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