Browser Extension of the Week:

Maximum PC Staff

Last week we showed Chrome users how to rock a no nonsense interface for their Amazon Cloud Player account. But why should folks rocking a Google-flavored browser have all the fun? If you have a Last.FM account and your weapon of choice for getting online is Firefox, we suggest rocking some tunes with , our Browser Extension of the Week. is a third-party add-on that allows Firefox users to access their Last.FM accounts. After installing the extension, users are invited to log into their Last.FM account or to create a new one. Once your credentials are squared away, provides users with access to many of the functions that make Last.FM the great service that it is: artist selection, custom playlists and track tagging are all baked into the extension and accessible through a well designed interface which blends seamlessly into Firefox’s top bar.

If you’re feeling a little bored of your own tunes, the extension has you covered, offering up access to the music preferred by your friends and neighbors with Last.FM accounts, keeping everyone’s favorite social music service as sociable as possible. Should you end up finding a track or album that you can’t bear the thought of living without, can even link you over to to purchase it.

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