Browser Extension of the Week: Facebook Classic

Maximum PC Staff

Despite rampant privacy concerns, annoying ads, creepy stalkers and the aggressive time stealing demands of the games it offers, for many of us, Facebook is still a much-loved way to share our lives with the people who matter to us. While we might be willing to put up with the social network’s many quirks and eccentricities, there’s one thing that most of us won’t tolerate when it comes to Facebook: A change to it’s interface or functionality. If your blood boils every time you hear the words ‘News Ticker’ you’ll want to download Facebook Classic, our Browser Extension of the Week.

Available for use with Chrome , Facebook Classic lets social networkers relive the salad days of Mark Zuckerberg’s darling: A simpler time time when  News Feeds were in chronological order and the News Ticker was nothing more than a fairytale monster that parents threatened their kids with when they misbehaved. Thanks to Facebook Classic, the Ticker can be toggled on or off with a click of your mouse.

While this might not force your mom stop sending you requests to buy cabbage from her virtual farm, the extension mitigates the social networks more recent changes, and goes goes a long way towards making Facebook a lot more user friendly for those of us who prefer to kick it old school.

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