Browser Extension of the Week: Drop Box

Maximum PC Staff

If you’re a regular visitor to this site, you’ll know that recent security concerns aside, we love us some Dropbox. Accessible via a dedicated desktop application or through the service’s web portal, Dropbox makes keeping your digital life in sync across multiple systems a breeze.   For those of us who only access their Dropbox occasionally, the service’s desktop client might be a little much for us, especially since it’s set to startup with Windows by default. For the power users out there, we’re sure you’ll agree that rocking your files through the service’s web site kinda sucks. If you’re a Chrome user, there’s middle ground to be had thanks to a dedicated Dropbox extension called Drop Box that’s so easy to use we had to make it our Browser Extension of the Week.

After installing the extension, your Dropbox account will be accessible through a unobtrusive button located in the top right of your browser window. Clicking the button opens an collapsible window which provides full access to your DropBox account as well as a detailed list of recent transactions made on the account.

If you can’t bear using the extension’s optimized interface, there’s even an option to switch over to Dropbox’s standard view as well. No matter how you decide to use the extension, it provides an excellent alternative to repeatedly accessing your account through a dedicated browser tab, or via the service’s computer side application. Give it a try!

Be sure to check back with us next every Thursday for another edition of Browser Extension of the Week.

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