Browser Extension of the Week: Destroy The Web

Maximum PC Staff

Even when things work as they should, surfing the interwebz can still be a painful experience--especially when you're stuck doing an online task that you despise with a burning passion. Filing your taxes, paying your bills or having your eyes scorched out by a site that looks like it was designed back in 1995 have a tendency to send people's stress levels into the red over time. Instead of ripping your office apart in a fit of searing rage, Why not vent all that anger in a healthy manner that even your anger management counsellor would approve of?

Destroy The Web is a Firefox add-on that allows users to do some video game inspired damage to any website they can browse to. By clicking the Destroy the Web icon in your browser's navigation bar, any website you're viewing will become a viable target, ready to be shot apart. Simply aim the extension's crosshairs at a page element, click and watch the element shatter into a million pieces. To keep things interesting, the extension also offers a time limit, point system and a leader board that ranks users by how fast they're able to obliterate the websites they deem worth of their harmless, web-based wrath.

Best of all, when the shooting's done and your score's been realized, Destroy The Web sets things right by refreshing the website back to it's pre-rampage good looks, almost as if the carnage never took place at all.

Be sure to check back with us every Thursday for another edition of Maximum PC's Browser Extension of the Week.

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