Browser Extension of the Week: Cooliris

Maximum PC Staff

Microsoft is everywhere. One form or another of Windows can be found on most computers in the world today. Redmond is rocking most people’s work rigs and if you’re a serious gamer, the odds very good that your last computer wasn’t designed in Cupertino. For most folks, software conformity is a given. They accept that with the exception of their wallpaper, their graphical user interface most likely is identical to that of their neighbors. A few of us however, refuse to fall into line, preferring instead to tweak, preen and modify the looks of our Windows GUI until it can hardly be recognized as such. If you’re interested in taking a first bold step into something a little snazzier than your computer’s stock aesthetics have to offer, you could do a lot worse than downloading Cooliris.

Available to both Explorer, Chrome and Firefox users, Cooliris not only pretties up your browser with some sweet, modern 3D visuals, it also makes your browsing a more visual visceral experience. Instead of trawling yards of search returns comprised of text, CoolIris gives users something pretty to look at, and provides search results in a scrolling wall of images, video and headers, designed to make hunting down a topic a pleasure.

The extension even offers a number of channels, such as news, entrainment and games, ensuring that it’s not just another pretty face, but also a respectable information aggregator to boot.

Be sure to check back next Thursday for another edition of Maximum PC’s Browser Extension of the Week.

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