Browser Extension of the Week: Clearly

Maximum PC Staff

When it comes making data readily available to the connected masses, the Internet’s a champ. Never before has our species enjoyed so much access to information. Unfortunately, the way in which that information is typically presented--on busy, oft-times poorly designed web pages-- is often found lacking. Fortunately, the folks from Evernote have a solution: It’s called Clearly, and it’s our Browser Extension of the Week.

Available for a wide variety of browsers and devices, Evernote’s Clearly is designed to take the dog’s breakfast of ads, background imagery, and text that constitute the makeup of most webpages and translate it into a smooth, minimalist reading experience designed to sooth the savaged soul of even the most haggard web surfer. By doing away with a site’s superfluous crud, Clearly makes reading online a pleasure. Aside from it’s transformative qualities, Clearly also comes fully loaded with a wide range of other options and customization features. Users can tinker with the size of Clearly’s on screen text, send Clearly-rendered pages to their Evernote accounts to read later, select from three different pre-rendered reading themes or even go so far as to create their own.

We’re sure you’ll agree that’s a healthy amount of functionality for a browser extension.

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