Browser Extension of the Week: After the Deadline

Maximum PC Staff

Spellchecking software has been in the business of softening up the brains of computer users everywhere since 1980, and let us tell you: business is good. In the three decades since spellcheck first hit the scene, most of us have come to rely upon the safety and false sense of intellectual security provided by the knowledge that even though we’ve failed as students of our mother tongue, we can still shine in print... most of the time. When you’re dealing with the wild and wooly world wide web, the availability of decent spellchecking can be deeply varied. While you might be able to sort out the mistakes you’ve made in Google Docs, Twitter will still show all of your ugly spelling errors to the world. Unless of course, you install After the Deadline , our Browser Extension of the Week.

Available as a Firefox add-on or a Chrome extension, After the Deadline is an open source spelling and grammar checking solution that works with any site you visit.  After installing it, users will note that mistakes made while filling in forms, fields or any other text-related in-browser task will be underlined in red for a spelling error and in green for grammar.

Click on the underlined word and After the Deadline will offer you a number of suggestions to make it right. The extension can even offer you stylistic suggestions to help you polish up your work, making it a breeze to put your best written foot forward online.

Be sure to check back every Thursday for another edition of Maximum PC’s Browser Extension of the Week.

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