Browser Extension of the Week: Add to Amazon Wish List

Maximum PC Staff

The holiday season is upon us, and with it comes the horror of holiday shopping. At this time of year, thinking about others and spending your hard earned dough on them is pretty much requisite. While this might paste a look of joy on your nearest and dearest, every gift you purchase means there’s a little less coin in the coffers for the stuff you want. This means that instead of being able to buy what you want when you want, you’re gonna have to wait. Fortunately, Add to Amazon Wish List for Chrom e will help you to keep your backlog of personal indulgences in check.

Available for Chrome, Add to Amazon Wish List allows users to build a list of material needs and desires from any site on the internet. See a hat on Etsy that your head simply can’t live without? Just click the Add to Amazon Wish List located in your navigation bar to capture that lid’s details as well as any notes you’d like to include for future reference.

To review your wish list at any time, simply visit an Amazon website, click on the Wish List link in the site’s button bar and BOOM, you’re ready to engage in a bit of lustful capitalism.

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