British Telecom Invests in Onlive, will Fund UK Service

Ryan Whitwam

The Onlive cloud-based game streaming service hasn't even launched in the US yet, but plans are already being laid for a European version of the service. British Telecom has committed to taking a 2.6 percent stake in the Onlive product. In return, British Telecom will receive exclusive rights to bundle the gaming service with its broadband internet packages. Onlive will also be available as a separate purchase to users of other telecoms.

Onlive probises to deliver high quality 3D gaming to various devices with weaker hardware. This could included inexpensive laptops, mobile phones, or even TVs. A Beta test has been underway in the US, and a final release is supposed to happen next month. It's unclear if Onlive will be striking any special deals with US ISPs.

Onlive has been trying to gain a foothold in Europe since 2009, and has even gone so far as to set up data centers to test the service. Tests have been run in several countries with the aim of having different data presences in each country because of regulatory concerns. Resolution may not be what PC gamers are used to, but it might find its audience. Would you subscribe to Onlive?

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