Breakthrough in SATA Design Could Lead to Longer External Cables

Paul Lilly

Texas Instruments (TI) this week announced a new dual-channel, single-lane SATA redriver and signal conditioner that they claim features the lowest active power and lowest automatic low-power (ALP) mode of any 6Gbps redriver/equalizer on the planet.

Sounds incredibly geeky and all, but the real question here is, why should you care? There are a couple of reasons, the first being longer battery life in portable electronics. According to TI, its new redriver and signal conditioner runs 50 percent more efficient than the nearest competitor. We're talking about a SATA interface here so we're not expecting miracles, but hey, every little bit matters when you're dealing with mobile devices, like notebooks and netbooks.

TI also says its new tech supports longer etch runs, easier board designs, and the use of longer external cables when hooking up a drive via eSATA or using an HDD dock.

How it all works gets pretty technical, and quite frankly, a little boring. But if that's your sort of thing, get the full scoop here (PDF) .

Image Credit: Texas Instruments

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