Brando Releases Wristband USB Charger

Paul Lilly

Toss a USB wristband charger into your kid's stocking this holiday and one of two things will happen. Either he'll get pummeled at school for being the class dork, or he'll stand as a deity among his electronically charged classmates toting around handheld gaming systems, smartphones, media players, and all sorts of gadgets that trump anything we used to bring to school.

The wristband is made by Brando, a company Gizmodo once accurately dubbed Hong Kong's USB Willy Wonka. It comes with a 1,500mAh, 5.5V battery and includes LED charge indicators. And of course it includes the usual bevy of USB tips, including both Nokia types, mini USB, LG, Samsung, Sony/Ericsson, PSP, Nintendo DS Lite, and the DSi. When you're ready to recharge the charger, just plug it into your PC's USB port.

Pretty handy for a $35 gadget . Slap a clock or some kind of watch-face on that sucker and we'd be sold.

Image Credit: Brando

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