Bragging Rights: RunCore's Kylin III PCIe SSD Rated at 3,000,000 IOPS

Paul Lilly

It's not really fair to pit an enterprise grade PCIe solid state drive (SSD) against a typical consumer grade model sporting a SATA interface, like Samsung's 840 Series announced earlier today , but that doesn't mean we're any less impressed with the fact that RunCore's new Kylin III SSD manages 3 million random read IOPS and 1.4 million random write IOPS. It's safe to say it can run Crysis, and anything else you throw at it, though it's really meant to tackle workstation tasks that include database chores, web servers, analytic engines, and anything involved with high performance computing servers in general.

RunCore's Kylin III Series is available in 450GB, 785GB, and 1.6TB capacities, the latter of which serves up the scintillating IOPS mentioned above. All three capacities are comprised of multi-level cell (MLC) NAND flash memory. Transfer speeds are rated at 1.5GB/s read and 700MB/s write on the 450GB model; 1.5GB/s read and 1.1GB/s write on the 785GB model; and 3GB/s read and 2GB/s on the 1.6TB model.

"In a field where IOPS performance is the main game, RunCore Kylin III PCIe is the best choice. With its excellent performance, RunCore Kylin III PCIe has more specific, and customized functions: Flash-RAID, power-loss data protection, in-flight data integrity check, and intelligent data refresh," RunCore explains .

Why didn't we include these in this year's Dream Machine? For one, they weren't available. And secondly, we're afraid to inquire about the price, which RunCore didn't disclose.

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