Boxee Box Users: Still No Netflix for You!

Paul Lilly

If you always see the glass as half full, then take solace knowing that Boxee has gotten the Netflix app up and running without a hitch. Heck, the Boxee team even managed to watch the intro to Full Metal Jacket on Tuesday. Unfortunately, Boxee Box users still can't access Netflix.

In a blog post , the Boxee Box team admitted they were "in a bit of an awkward spot at the moment." While the Netflix app appears bug free, they "have not yet satisfied Netflix's security requirements." The good news is Boxee anticipates availability soon, they just don't know exactly when.

"It's terrible to be so close to releasing and yet still be waiting on one thing to fall into place," the Boxee team said. "There's not a day that goes by without dozens of emails, comments, and tweets asking about Netflix. We all want it."

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