Boxee Box Has Intel Inside, Up for Pre-order Now

Ryan Whitwam

The release of the Boxee Box finally seems at hand. Boxee and manufacturer D-Link announced today that the hardware has been finalized and should ship in early November. Of note, the box will no longer be running on Nvidia's Tegra 2 chipset. Instead, users will get a Boxee Box powered by the Intel CE4100 Atom chip .

The product was supposed to go on sale in June, but the date came and went with no firm plans. It looks like some of the delays may have been related to the effort to make the Tegra 2 work. In the end, Boxee's VP of Marketing, Andrew Kippen claims that video format support just wasn't good enough with Nvidia's solution.

The Boxee Box promises to bring consumers access to a wide range of video online via Flash and HTML5. Pre-orders are currently up at Amazon for $199. How do you think this stacks up against cheaper, but more limited, options like AppleTV and Roku?

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