Boxee Box Beats Out Sales Expectations

Paul Lilly

Never mind that the streaming media market is getting as crowded as an LA freeway during rush hour, D-Link's Boxee Box is more than holding its own. According to DigiTimes , sales of the set-top box have been better than D-Link originally expected up to this point.

D-Link's Boxee Box faces competition from a number of devices, including Apple TV, Google TV, Western Digital's line of streaming media boxes, Internet-connected TVs, and even from specialized devices like Roku's HD Player. Even so, D-Link is seeing sales exceed stock volumes and is considering selling the device through Best Buy by the end of the year.

Riding Boxee Box's early success, D-Link recently announced it will launch the media streamer in the Middle East and Africa next month, followed by China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and other Asia Pacific countries. The goal is to sell at least 100,000 Boxee Box units in 2011.

Image Credit: D-Link

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