Boxee Announces Payment Platform for Premium Content


The Boxee folks have found themselves lodged between content owners and its user base for some time. On one hand, Boxee has always promised to deliver as much content for the right price (i.e. free). On the other, premium content owners have gotten wise to the fact that they are missing out on serious cash by not jumping on the internet TV bandwagon.

Hence, Boxee has made some deals with said content owners to offer a Payment Platform for Boxee. They are hoping that by trying to bridge this gap they can make more content available to Boxee users, while still offering even the most premium content at a fair price. They define their business model in terms of transaction fees, which the commit to be less than the 30% charged by other digital storefronts.

They did not divulge much more in the official blog posting. The key details still to be determined are who already signed up as premium content owners, what types of premium content will be available, and when they’ll make all this happen.

One small step for Boxee? Or one giant leap for premium content owners?

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