Boutique System Builders Quick to Pounce on Nvidia's New Graphics Cards

Paul Lilly

Gaming PC builders get behind Nvidia's new GPU launches

If you were worried that Nvidia's newly announced graphics cards would amount to a paper launch, don't be. Boutique system builders have already armed themselves with the new GPUs -- GeForce GTX 750, GeForce GTX 750 Ti, and GeForce GTX Titan Black -- and are chomping (or "champing," if you prefer) at the bit to build your next gaming PC using Nvidia's newest hardware.

Going in alphabetical order, AVADirect announced it has all three GPUs on hand, which are options in several of the company's desktops, including its line of silent PCs. Systems range in price from under $1,000 to north of $3,000 (such as a liquid cooled gaming rig running a GeForce Titan Black), depending on configuration.

Next up is CyberPowerPC , which is offering the trio of Nvidia GPUs in a variety of gaming lines. Systems featuring the GeForce GTX 750 start at $649, while rigs equipped with a GeForce GTX 750 Ti or GeForce GTX Titan Black start out at $699 and $1,749, respectively.

Digital Storm is also on board with the new GPUs and is particularly excited about its Aventum II system, which can push 4K Ultra HD gaming and video with the GeForce GTX Titan Black.

"HD gaming is the new standard and Ultra HD is not far behind with 4K displays already available for $800," said Rajeev Kuruppu, Digital Storm’s Director of Product Development. "This is an exciting time for gamers and we’re thrilled to incorporate NVIDIA’s new cards into our systems to deliver the stunning graphics and advanced gaming experience our customers demand."

You can also find these new GPUs in Digital Storm's Bolt II, a liquid-cooled "Steam Machine" hybrid running both Steam OS and Windows.

Moving along, Origin PC is offering Nvidia's three new graphics cards in its Chronos, Millennium, and Genesis desktops. If you want to take the 'money is no object' approach, you can configure a Genesis system with four GeForce Titan Black cards in quad-SLI. The cards alone will set you back over $4,500, but rest assured, it will run Crysis.

Finally, Velocity Micro dropped us a note to let us know it too has its hands on all three GPU options, which it's offering in select gaming and workstation desktops. Configurations with the GTX 750 start at $829 while systems with the GTX Titan Black start at $2,999.

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