Boutique System Builders Join the Kepler Launch Party

Paul Lilly

Great news everyone, Kepler is here! Of course, you already knew that because you have bookmarked, right? And if you have MPC bookmarked, then you must have starting reading through our " Kepler Unveiled: Nvidia's GTX 680 Benchmarked In-Depth! " article (and if you haven't, be sure to check it out) the moment the NDA lifted this morning. But do you know which system builders are carrying them?

We know of several right off the bat, and as the day goes on, we're sure company press releases will keep rolling in. But for now, here are the boutique system builders who have reached out to let us know they're carrying the GeForce GTX 680 graphics card.

Going alphabetically, AVADirect is at the top of the list and has added the GTX 680 option to its 3D Vision II , Z68 , X79 , and E5 Xeon system configurations, along with its line of gaming and workstation setups.

Next on the list is CyberPower PC, which is offering the debut Kepler card in all of its desktop gaming PCs, including the Gamer Infinity, Gamer Ultra, Gamer Xtreme, Zeus, and Fang III series. Systems based on the new card start at $1,199. You can find those systems here .

Maingear is ready to roll with Kepler's launch and has added the graphics card to its SHIFT, F131, and X-Cube systems, and will offer it in its Vybe system later on the down the road.

Lastly, Origin PC has added the GTX 680 to its desktop (Big O, Chronos, Millennium, and Genesis) systems and the GTX 675M to its notebook (EON17-X) configurations.

EDIT: Digital Storm , Geekbox , iBuyPower , V3 Gaming , and Velocity Micro all have announced they're also carrying Nvidia's new graphics card.

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