Bought a Scratch-Prone iPod Nano? Get Some Scratch (Money, That Is) from Apple


The Inquirer reports that Apple has settled a class-action lawsuit over the uncoated (and scratch-prone) first-generation iPod Nanos, which were sold starting in September 2005.

Because Apple began putting a protective coating on iPod Nanos starting in December 2005, you must submit a claim form specifying your Nano's serial number to determine if your unit is covered by the settlement. You  have until June 10th 2009 to postmark your claim, but earlier dates apply if you want to exclude yourself or file an objection .

If the settlement is approved, the owner of each eligible iPod Nano sold without a protective slipcase would receive $25. Owners of iPod Nanos sold with a protective slipcase would receive $15 per unit. Learn more at the settlement website's FAQ page.

Did you buy an early iPod Nano? Hit Comment and tell us your scratch horror stories.

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