Bose Brings Three New In-Ear Headphones to Market

Paul Lilly

Bose has gone and released three new in-ear headphones that, while still on the high-side for earbuds, are somewhat reasonably priced. These include the IE2 ($100), MIE2 ($130), and MIE2i ($130).

The IE2 buds are suitable for mobile gadgets, like MP3 players, iPad/iPod, and anything else you use to listen to music on the go. Both the MIE2 and MIE2i are better suited for mobile headsets and come equipped with an in-line microphone and one-touch answer/end button for switching between music and phone calls. The MIE2i, as you might have guessed, is aimed at Apple device owners.

All three models are the first to use Bose's new "StayHear" tips, which Bose claims "fit easily inside the bowl of the ear, while naturally conforming to the upper ridge of the ear."

Look for the IE2 and MIE2 to ship on August 23, 2010, with the MIE2i to follow suit in October, 2010.

Image Credit: Bose

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