Borders (Temporarily) Drops Price of Plain-Jane Kobo eBook Reader

Paul Lilly

With the semi-recent price cuts to both the Kindle (Amazon) and Nook (Barnes and Noble), the pressure is on the also-rans to make a compelling argument for themselves. Kobo's getting some help doing that courtesy of Borders.

From now until October 31, 2010, Borders is selling the vanilla version of the Kobo eBook reader for $100, down $30 from it's regular $130 price tag. By vanilla, we mean it doesn't come with Wi-Fi, a standard feature on both the Kindle and Nook.

While the reduced pricing is only temporary, we wouldn't be surprised if it stuck through the holiday shopping season, or indefinitely. For the sake of comparison, the Kobo Wireless eReader with Wi-Fi sells for $140.

In related news, Amazon recently announced that it's new generation Kindle is selling better than ever, selling more devices since launch than the company did during the entire fourth quarter of last year. That's what Kobo -- and every other also-ran -- is up against.

Image Credit: Kobo

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