Borderlands Game of the Year Edition Comes with Early Access to Duke Nukem Forever Demo

Nathan Grayson

Are you a rabid Borderlands fan who’s seen it all? Ned, Zed, Scags, Rakks, so many guys who want their “pound of flesh” that you feel like a small, locally owned deli – the whole nine yards? Well then, you have a very difficult decision to make.

See, Borderlands Game of the Year Edition won’t throw any curveballs your way. It’s the entirety of Borderlands and all its DLC in one spiffy package. Problem is, it holds that “small child buying a box of nasty sugared cereal appeal”; buy the game and you get a neat prize.

“This package will come complete with the entire extravasplosive Borderlands catalog and a free membership certificate for the Duke Nukem Forever First Access Club. This certificate entitles owners who register their unique key to a wealth of goodies, including early access to a sneak peek of the legendary, long-awaited video game - Duke Nukem Forever,” read a press release from Gearbox .

Granted, we still have no idea when the first Duke Nukem Forever demo’s gonna spit out its gum and start kicking ass, but this club will ensure you’ll be among the first to play it. The Borderlands Game of The Year Edition will run you $49.99 – a fantastic deal if you’ve never played Borderlands or its DLC. If you have, though? Well, you’ve waited more than a decade, right? What’s – in all likelihood – an extra week or two?

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