B&N's Next Nook Color Device Could Undercut Kindle Fire's Price

Paul Lilly

We like it when Amazon and Barnes & Noble go to war with each other. We like it because when the two sides try to undercut and one-up each other, the consumer wins every time. These two are responsible for sparking an eBook reader price war that brought significant savings to the eReader market in a short period of time, and it looks as though the two sides are getting ready to force the other's hand once more.

On November 17, Amazon will launch its much anticipated Kindle Fire tablet for $200. The Kindle Fire, as most of you reading this are well aware, is a heavily themed Android tablet built to hook users into Amazon's ecosystem, which is part of the reason why it's so cheap (compared to other tablets).

Not to be outdone, or so we think, Barnes & Noble has invited media and publishers to a New York event on Monday where it's widely believed B&N is gearing up to announce a new Nook Color or similar device. According to ComputerWorld , there's a good chance the company will look to undercut Amazon with a lower priced tablet, even if just by a little.

"The issue [for B&N] is price and availability of content, which is the key issue for all tablets going foward," said Jack Gold, an analyst at J. Gold Associates, according to ComputerWorld.

B&N could get getting ready to address both of those issues on Monday, and if it does, it will be another good day for consumers.

Image Credit: Barnes & Noble

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