BMW Builds a Headlight with Frickin' Lasers

Paul Lilly

Sharks with lasers are admittedly awesome, but of little practical value. Automobile headlamps, on the other hand, make for a much more worthwhile application, and it looks like BMW will be the first to answer the call. These will ultimately replace LED lighting and bring about several advantages over today's best and brightest headlights.

According to Asia One Motoring , laser lighting shines a thousand times brighter than LEDs in a near-parallel beam, so there's one obvious benefit: better visibility. Laser headlights also consume 50 percent less energy than your typical LED headlight, so there's your second benefit. And if you're worried about burning a hole in a pedestrian caught in the glare, don't be. Laser light in headlamps is first converted into a form that isn't harmful to living creatures, so you won't leave a trail of burned up carcasses as you motor through the neighborhood.

What you end up with is a bright, energy efficient light source that, if BMW engineers chose to do so (and so far they haven't said they would), they could reduce the size of headlamps. What they are planning to do is to play around with headlight positioning to allow for an all new body style, one that could improve performance and gas mileage.

Image Credit: BMW

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