BlueStacks Releases Windows App Player for Android Apps

Ryan Whitwam

A few months ago, a company called BlueStacks announced it would be developing software that allows user to run Android apps on a PC. To everyone’s surprise, BlueStacks has followed through, and the alpha version of the App Player for Windows is available as a free download . This hefty 116MB installer comes with 10 pre-loaded apps and the ability to install more.

The program runs Android apps in full screen with a series of Android soft keys at the bottom, along with an ‘x’ to close the window. Interestingly, the apps seem to save their state when you exit, so you can jump back in where you left off. BlueStacks is not big on documentation at this early stage, but says that user might have issues getting the apps to run properly on older netbooks.

Android apps with a keyboard and mouse will be far from ideal, but it's an intersting idea. The free alpha allows user to instill as many as 26 apps using the Cloud Connect app on a phone. The full version is coming later, and supports as many apps as the user wants. The cost has not been announced.

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