Blue Screen of Death Lives On in Windows 8

Paul Lilly

Good news for the haters, when Microsoft said it reimagined Windows, it also reimagined what the Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) should look like, which means Windows 8 isn't immune to crashing. If you think about it, it's kind of comforting in a way. After all, what would Windows be without a BSoD revealing what went wrong? You could answer "Linux," or even "Mac OS X" if you're trying to start a flame war, but we won't go there.

As much as we all hate getting a BSoD, they're actually pretty helpful if you know how to decipher them . They're also a little intimidating, despite the use of the color blue, which studies show have a relaxing effect on people. It appears Microsoft wants them to be even less frightening in Windows 8. posted a screenshot of what it says is the new BSoD for Windows 8. There's a giant frownie face emoticon in the upper left, followed a message that reads: "Your PC ran into a problem that it couldn't handle, and now it needs to restart."

The type of error is displayed -- for example, SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION -- followed by a countdown clock, at the end of which Windows 8 will restart.

What do you think of the new BSoD? Do you find it to be better or worse than previous versions, or are you indifferent?

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