Blue Raven Now Offering Prix Fixe iPod Repairs

Michael Brown

Last April, I accepted Blue Raven’s pitch to try their $30 DIY iPod Battery Replacement Kit. My iPod’s battery was fine, but I was interested to see just how easy it would be to replace its battery. What could go wrong?

Plenty, as it turned out. Using the company’s cheap tools, I not only chewed up the plastic half of my iPod’s case, but I also permanently damaged my iPod’s screen (a large black bloom now obscures the battery meter—ironic, considering I was ostensibly replacing a worn-out battery).

Lucky for me, Blue Raven on Friday pitched me on the new service they’re announcing today: Buy their $130 iPod Service and Repair Kit, put your broken iPod inside, and ship it off to Blue Raven. They’ll fix whatever’s wrong with it and ship it back to you within three business days. They pay two-day shipping costs in both directions and will drop in a new battery for good measure.

If all your iPod needs is a new battery, you can buy a iPod Replacement Battery kit for $60, including shipping costs. After my experience with their do-it-yourself kit, I would gladly have paid $30 for someone else to install the battery.

The answer to the big question, “Is it worth it?” depends on one major factor: If your iPod is incapacitated, how much would it cost to replace it? If I’d screwed up a Nano or a Shuffle, I might as well chuck it in the trash and buy a new player. Buying a new iPod Classic, on the other hand, would cost nearly twice as much as repairing my old one—but then I’d be gaining 50GB of capacity. I’ll be sending my borked iPod in for repair soon and will file a report the day it comes back.

Conspriracy buffs, of course, will see an insidious connection between the two service offerings: All those people who broke their iPods using Blue Raven’s DIY battery replacement kit will now run out and buy the company’s mail-in repair kit to fix the damage.

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