Blu-ray Makes Giant Strides with 6X Media and $145 Player


The Blu-ray scene is lightning up and these latest developments prove that:

Panasonic’s 6x Blu-ray Media : Panasonic has unveiled the first ever 6x Blu-ray disc media. It breezes at a data transfer speed of 27MB/sec making it 30 % brisker than 16x DVDs and four times as fast as 48x CDs. But it will only be in September that the 6x Blu-ray becomes widely available in Japan and, hopefully, soon after that in other parts of the world. Panasonic’s 16x Blu-ray disc has two variants, one with a capacity of 25GB and the other with 50GB space.

Pioneer’s $145 Blu-ray player : The days of the exorbitantly priced PS3 being the cheapest Blu-ray player are all but history. Blu-ray player prices are falling and Pioneer has pioneered a major price drop, albeit in China. The manufacturer has more than halved the price of its BDC-SO2BKZ in China. One year ago, the player debuted in China at an asking price of $300, which has now been reduced to $145 . It is only a matter of time when other manufacturers follow suit and when that happens Blu-ray players will become absolutely irresistible.

Image Credit: Cnet

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