Blockbuster One-Ups Netflix, Redbox with Warner Bros. Deal

Paul Lilly

As Netflix continues to steamroll the competition and plow into everyone's living room, Blockbuster could use a victory. Well, the struggling movie rental firm got one, and we're not talking about the moral variety, either. In a deal that has eluded both Netflix and Redbox, Warner Bros. has agreed to make new titles available immediately in Blockbuster's stores, mail, and on-demand.

"Warner Bros. and Blockbuster have enjoyed a cooperative and successful relationship for more than 25 years," Warner Home Video president Ron Sanders said in a statement. "The updated agreement will continue to provide Blockbuster customers with access to Warner Bros. titles the same day they are released."

That can't sit well with Netflix, who isn't allowed to ship new Warner Bros. flicks until 28 days after release. But it's great for Blockbuster, who last week warned for the second time in a year that filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection is a possibility.

The new deal gives Blockbuster a four week advantage over Netflix, starting with The Blindside , which was released earlier this week.

Image Credit: Blockbuster

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