Blockbuster Express Rentals Going Up in Price, Too

Paul Lilly

When you look around and see the competition jacking up prices, the temptation must be to follow suit, because that's what all the movie rental companies are doing. Netflix started this craptacular trend, and while subscribers were still raging on message boards, RedBox went and slipped in a price a increase of its own, albeit a comparatively minor one. Now it's BlockBuster's turn, and come November 8, you could pay as much as $4 for a rental at one of those familiar blue Kiosks.

BlockBuster Express is rolling out a 3-2-1 pricing plan. So called "Hot Movies," which are those released on DVD within the last 28 days, will run $3 a pop, Add another dollar if you want your flick on Blu-ray, and that's how you get to $4 for a single rental.

Recent releases, or those that have been available on DVD for more than 28 days, will run $2 each, and then all other movies will cost $1. On the bright side, late return fees are still sitting pretty at $1 for each additional night, and both Hot Movies and Recent Releases come with an in-stock guarantee.

Will this have any effect on where or how your rental movies?

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