Blizzard's Bumping Up the Price of World of Warcraft Subscriptions in the U.K.



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John Pombrio

Considering how much I played WoW, the monthly subscription price was really immaterial. The folks who run ski resorts found that raising the price of lift tickets did not matter much as people who wanted to go skiing really WANTED to go skiing. It is the folks like me who got tired of the game that any price change would affect. If WoW was a lot cheaper, I might still have a subscription, or perhaps not.



don't play wow. it may have been great one time, but its not anymore. 2007-2008, it was the best ever. just let it go. even players from then will jump in it now just to feel left behind. these games you have to dedicate, or you are left behind. u cant work and go to school and play these games at the same time, because they alone require the elite mindset.



Me thinks they need to start bringing WoW's successor out into the light soon.



Seriously, what ever happened to the Titan project? They were talking about it 3 or 4 years ago and I haven't heard anything about it recently.



So did they hire the person in charge of marketing at the U.S. Postal Service?

Every time they come across yet another short-fall because people aren't using postal-mail (as much) as they once did, the solution to remain competitive with cheaper and even FREE alternatives is to perpetually increase the cost of postage!

It's like the old joke about a guy who sold his wares below cost, his answer was that he made up for it in volume!



WOW, surely its end of days for sub based games.



Yeah... cause if there's anything that will make 800,000 come racing back for more, it's raising the price for the same old game.



So the price to play WoW is going up in the UK. Well, they do need to make money, and since it's only a UK price increase...well yeah.

*queue angry mob of UK WoW players with torches and pitchforks*